Athfest 6th Annual Hip-Hop Showcase

Sat Jun 22, 2019 @ 9:00 pm
Live Wire Athens
227 West Dougherty st.
ATHfactor-Liberty Entertainment Presents…
@Live Wire Athens
Hosted by Chief Rocka & mon2
Doors open at 9pm
ATHHipHop Music Video Mix
Come check out new, old and classic videos from some of Athens Hip-Hop’s best artist.
Presentation by 2019 Beat Wars Champion BeardNoise
A 27-year-old music producer named BeardNoise aka Selwyn Gilbert-Dorsey, coming from Athens Georgia. He specializes in making trap, dub, and anything hard bass. Started at the age of 17, BeardNoise studied every element used in his favorite producers beats: from plugins to the type of sound is being used in a beat. With all this knowledge, he got inspired to create tracks of his own. As a producer, he visualizes and can see his beats in motion in his dreams and immediately start working on it on the same day.  When my family discovered that I had this talent, they help market BeardNoise music so his label can be known.
10:45p Crestgang Whoo
Crestgang Whoo has one of the fastest growing movements in Athens, he is working hard, releasing good music and building a dedicated fan base. Getting hype is an understatement when it comes to his stage shows, it is not something anyone should miss.
11:00pm Motorhead 2X
Motorhead 2x, an independent artist raised In Athens Ga. He is very energetic and well known for being a positive and active person in his community. He just became a father for the first time a year ago and now feels he has been going harder than ever before. His child is his number one MOTORvation. Motorhead 2X has a strong support system, and a team full of great individuals who also help support his craft as they work on their own. His team all tries to build in many ways and he thinks everybody needs a team to be successful- “we can’t all do it alone “. The goal for this year is to branch out more and aim for new experiences. Motorhead 2X wants everybody to know Motorhead & understand his story. AYE ( Appreciate Your Excellence ).  A.Y.E Merch OTW!!!! Speak it, it Shall Come “Appreciate Your Excellence” 2xLAW
Follow the movement. Believe in the movement:
11:15p DJ Chief Rocka
Chief Rocka has honed his skills working with mon2 as the house DJ for Tasty Tuesday (a weekly hip-hop night at Tasty World that ran for four years), Poetic Soul (weekly open mic at New Earth) and various other shows through the years. Chief Rocka and mon2 grew up in Hip-Hop and believe in the preservation of the Hip-Hop culture. These self-made entrepreneurs will do whatever it takes to keep it flourishing. This dynamic duo is here to push the envelope, promote Hip-Hop and present good-fun entertainment. As long as mon2 makes the crowds yell “HIP-HOP DON’T STOP,” Chief Rocka will provide the soundtrack, together they are the glue that helps keep Athens Hip-Hop solid. If you have never seen this 1-2 punch it is worth coming to check them out.
11:30 pm L.G. “The Heart Of The City”
L.G. gained his love for music at a very young age. L.G. is a high energy performer with a passion for the people. L.G. is the self-proclaimed “Heart Of The City.” L.G. has 3 projects out Heart Of The City, The Best Is Yet To Come, And The Remedy. You never really know what to expect when you see an L.G. show, just be in for a good time. L.G. also brings along a crew of other talented individuals like Dj Kountry Boy, Squalle, Shed, and Blacknerdninja. With such amazing talent around him, the iron stays sharp. L.G. is an Athens Native and die-hard Bulldog fan.
12:00 am Cassie Chantel
Cassie Chantel, or Cas as she’s known to by many of her day one following, is a pioneer independent artist hailing from the little big town of Athens, Ga. Professionally active since 2009 Chantel has created and released a healthy library of work while racking up six best female hip hop nominations and 3 wins, 2 best collaboration wins, songwriter of the year nomination, and a best collective nomination for her key role in The Luv Tribe.  In 2019 she has released 2 singles with visuals attached as she builds momentum to a very active summer run.
12:30am BYV
These young vets have been making noise all over the southeast for the past couple of years. They have great videos and their stage show is crazy in all the best ways. They sometimes perform with The YOD calling that collective Follow Forever. With BYV you never know who will come up on stage with them to rock the crowd.
Instagram – @byvforever